Rook Torres: Say Goodbye to All Your Back and Spine Problems

Chiropractic services have been an excellent method of healing. Commonly confused with massage therapy, chiropractic care differs in the area of concern. While massage therapy mostly deals with the healing of muscular problems and reliving stress in the muscles, chiropractic therapy is a method dedicated to adjustment of the spine and other back and neck problems.

Now how important can the spine be? For starters, the vertebrae column is the protective casing for the spinal cord which is the junction of all the sensory nerves that carry all the information received from the senses to the brain. Proper adjustment of the spine can bring immediate changes in the body like regulation of blood pressure, blood chemistry, hormonal levels and circulation. Problems that occur because of faulty posture are treated by chiropractors.

Dr. Rook Torres, a renowned Boise chiropractor serves his clients with his expert healing methods. An alumnus of Life University of Marietta, Georgia, Dr. Torres is a bachelor of science in nutrition. This only adds to the level of overall healthcare expertise Dr. Torres can provide you with. What he is most known for is his innovative revolutionary methods of treatment, unique to his practice. He offers special services like special car accident chiropractic care, which is an aggregate of special methods to overcome whiplash injury, neck pain, headaches and migraines that common problems associated with accidents. He also has specific technique based services for children and pregnant women. As mentioned above, Dr. Torres is a certified nutritionist and so also provides consultancy and a better understanding of supplements to his clients.

A chiropractor Boise is defined by the techniques he uses. Some techniques suit some people and some don't. What makes Dr. Torres unique is his use of several techniques like the drop technique and disc compression, to formulate a treatment plan specific to a client. The drop technique is a very smart method to avoid twisting and turning of the spine and use gravity instead. On the other hand, disc compression is the exact opposite of drop technique since it utilizes a complex system of various technologies, including computerized traction which is essential to heal disc problems. Dr. Rook has a huge list of recurring clients who have nothing but good things to say about him. It’s probably the magic in his hands or his behavior which makes one comfortable. There is only one way to find out, and that is by visiting his clinic in Boise.

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