Here is Why and When You’ll Need Candida Supplements

The doctors are lucky since they get to study about the most complex machine in the world. There may be as much as a thousand secrets about the human body which are known to mankind, and a million more may still be probably undiscovered. For instance, did you know that our body is host to several kinds of micro-organisms? That means we have living creatures inside of us that we don't even notice the existence of. One of these micro-organism species is Candida Albicans, an opportunistic fungus. Candida is like that tenant that you keep at your property which messes up your place every now and then, but you can't boot them out because they are a source of your income and no one else would rent your messed up place, courtesy of the tenants.

Candidiasis is a condition caused by the overgrowth of Candida in our gut. This happens when our body undergoes some change. Now the definition of this change is rather debatable, since candida overgrowth can be triggered by different kinds of bodily changes. It may be caused by introduction of new antibiotics in the body, carbohydrates or sugar rich diets, or even long periods of stressful work. Usually candida growth is kept under check by the friendly bacteria in your gut. But the fungus is called opportunistic for a reason since it won't leave a single opportunity when your defenses are down. This means, whenever the integrity of our immune system is compromised even slightly, the candida goes out of hand.

The overgrowth of the organism causes chronic fatigue, mood disorders, oral thrush, recurring vaginal and urinary tract infections, sinus infection, intestinal distress, brain fog, skin and nail fungal infections and major hormonal imbalance. To prevent the symptoms and get the Candida growth back in check, a well renowned nutrition specialist, Dr. Joshua Axe has developed ProBiome Rx, Candida Combat which is a highly efficient candida supplement.

Out of all the candida supplements in the market, Dr. Axe’s Candida Combat is a standout product because of its guaranteed results. Basically the supplement act like the cops you have to call when the tenants go out of hand. Candida Combat brings back the normal levels of candida in the body by introducing more good bacteria which prevent their growth in the first place. This helps the body to gain back the integrity of the gut, and maintain healthy digestive and immune system.

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