Atlas Cutting Tools: Providing Excellent Drilling Tools

From the time of industrial revolution, innovations and enhancement in the machining tools have affected the productivity of manufacturing industries. Improvement in design and manufacturing of cutting and mining tools directly affects the productivity. Accurate, precise and mechanized tools are the basic requirements of any industry.

Labor, capital and raw material are of no use when there is a lack of appropriate milling and machining tool in a factory. The cutting and mining industry at present scenario requires tools that have higher feed rate, direct plunging capability and optimal functional geometry. The cutting capability of the tool depends upon the material used for manufacturing the tool. In mining and manufacturing industries highly versatile tools are required which possess great tensile strength and resistance from wear and tear.

Atlas Cutting Tools is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of cutting tools. This is a US based company which provides diverse cutting tools ranging from 45 degree helix end mills to dies accessories. These tools are manufactured in the fully equipped USA production mills.

Solid carbide chamfer mills and 3 flute end mills for aluminium supplied by the company provides greater firmness and rigidity to the tools than that is provided by the steel. Tools produced from solid carbide are highly heat resistant. Thus, they can be used for high speed applications on cast iron, non ferrous plastics and other tough machine materials. ALTiN coated chamfer mills are used for milling, tapping and drilling in stainless steel, carbon steels and titanium. These tools are extremely heat resistant and can be used without coolant also.

Atlas Cutting Tools are the pioneers in manufacturing 5 flute high performance end mills that can drill the work piece at higher feed rates and also reduces tool loads. This ultimately prevents breakage and failure. There is a variable pitch geometry of these tools which is required in multiple operations of roughing and finishing.

The company manufactures about 25,000 tools using modern CNC machines, thus generating finest tool. Along with carbide, the company uses high speed steel, cobalt and high vanadium metals as the raw material. Diversified range of cutting tools such as taps, burs, countersinks, comb drill sink etc. are provided by the company in competitive prices along with great customer service. The company also provides 30 days hassle free refund and replacement of tools.

For more information, please visit atlascuttingtools.com.