Take Your Clothing Business to New Heights by Using Advanced Pattern Grading Software

In some apparel stores you may be asked to step in front of a scanning device which looks like a metal box with a screen. This device can scan your body through the clothes; and is known as full body scanner. It is used for complete 3D body scan to measure your body type ad its size. This technology is safe and effective that can provide various benefits such as

· Precise measurement

· Quick results within few seconds

· Customizing capabilities

Body scanning technology has developed internationally due to the benefits of mass customization and applications in apparel designing for more than 15 years.

It is almost similar to the dressing rooms and uses laser technology to measure an exact dimension of your body. In recent years body scanner technology has developed and traditional scanners are changed into 3D scanners. A 3D body scanner is used in industrial applications such as mass customization of apparels, surveys and much more. They are advanced and accurate. The textile industry is using 3D body scanners with measurement extraction software to use them for apparel sales, fitting measurements, and medical analysis tasks. But most commonly body scanners have been helping clothing industry as they can increase accuracy in fitting measurements.

When it comes to the clothing industry, another helpful technique which is becoming increasingly popular is pattern grading. Pattern grading is the technology which helps clothing merchants and fashion designers to design clothes that fit different body types and sizes. It is scaling of a pattern to various sizes by applying essential points of a pattern using an algorithm in the clothing industry. You can install pattern software in your device and use it accordingly at your facility.

There are many companies that offer affordable solutions for apparel industry, fitness sector and health care facilities. [TC] ² is one such company that provides highly reliable pattern grading CAD software and 3D body scanners to their customers. Telestia Creator pattern grading CAD software can help you manage grade patterns easily while keeping the size, fitting and design right. Their system utilizes various grading rules and allows you to insert your own rules and style interpretation whenever you need to. [TC] ² is the most trusted company for 3D body scan machines and it has been serving the medical, fashion and fitness industries since 1979. They offer highly advanced products that can save your time and money and help you in taking your business way forward.

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