Stem Cell Therapy Mexico: A Stem to your Life Rebuilding

Stem cells are said to be the life building cells which have the ability to repair many life threatening ailments. These have amazing regenerative capacities which make stem cell treatment in Mexico doctors’ first resort for cancer treatment and treating chronic degenerative diseases like multiple sclerosis and macular degeneration.

Stem cells are of utmost importance and these must be preserved with strict supervision. Thus, it is required that a specialty clinic not only preserves these stem cells but also uses them in rendering stem cell therapy to patients. In this regard, Stem Cell Therapy Mexico is the only HIPPA certified clinic based Tijuana, Mexico. It is the only hospital with BBB accreditation in Mexico. It has world class infrastructure and requisitely trained staff to cure diseases like:

  • Macular Degeneration

  • Parkinson

  • Multiple Myeloma

  • Cerebral Palsy

  • Knee and Back pain

  • Down syndrome etc.

The hospital also specializes in curing different types of Cancer. These might cost up to $13k USD which includes physician cost, stem cells, medical equipment, hotel, transportation and DNA testing. The clinic is popular among women wanting fairer and youthful skin by undergoing rejuvenation and anti-aging therapy. It is often called the facelift but without any surgery. The clinic offers a free consultation with its therapists to guide the patients whether any stem cell treatment is required.

Whenever you sustain any injury, your muscles in that part get inflamed.Stem Cell Therapy Mexico has a rehabilitation treatment course which will not only lead to a speedy recovery but stronger muscles. Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) offered at this clinic has helped many married couples to lead a good and healthy sex life.

If you complaint of low memory and reduced focus, Stem Cell Therapy Mexico is where you should be. Its breakthrough treatments not only help you to improve your focus but accelerate your brain performance too. Lives of athletes bank upon their physical performance and if they encounter any major injury, stem cell therapy is the way to go. Be it knee or back injury, if you are an athlete this clinic is with you to help you during your difficult times. The clinic has different therapies for men and women both as per their different bodily requirements. This clinic is not only the future of Mexico stem cell treatment but a perfect example of magnificent infrastructure coupled with world class highly experienced medical staff.

For more details, you may log on to stemcellmexico.org or call on +1(800) 646 0290.