Boost your Digital Promotion Strategy with Renowned Advertising Firms in Dubai

Digital advertising investing is hovering on the bigger leagues. While conventional media platforms such as television and banner ads maintain a substantial lead in the expenses, forecasts have indicated that digital investing is bridging the gap, increasing from $32million in 2011 to become $60 billion by 2017.

In the older days, internet had a superficial role of generating pictures and text on computer. However, with the inception of cellular phones, the colossal of digital advertising is constantly increasing. You can say digital advertising has outgrown internet, which is helping the companies to reach you through a traditional movie, digital games and even your home appliances. The advertising companies Dubai and all around the world are using the global connection facilitated via internet, as the primary component of their marketing techniques.

It’s no surprise that promoters are cutting their conventional marketing costs and moving towards digital aspects. Digital marketing market now accounts for $187 billion dollars per year which is 28% of the total share of other marketing platforms. There is significant increase in digital marketing industry, but obviously more than any other sector with a specific thrust in social media. In the middle-eastern areas, the international digital market is expected to surge an approximated growth of US $20 billion dollars. The Deloitte has recently revealed that Dubai advertising agency is moving their focus towards digital marketing techniques to attract more and more clients. In the past 2 years, digital advertising has grown in the MENA region whose driving factors consist of high speed internet development, rise in smartphone utilization and the development of social networking.

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