Cloud Monitoring Tools: Overview

Cloud management process improves the flexibility and scalability of the services provided to the users. There are many public cloud computing services, one of which is Amazon Web Services (AWS) which facilitates enterprises to make use of computing resources that are externally hosted, so that the enterprise can run their own applications and services on it. However, it is important to efficiently monitor these cloud hosted applications, so that ensure their performance doesn’t degrade at any point of time. Cloud monitoring refers to keeping an eye on the performance, usage and overall functioning of applications that are based on cloud.

Besides, an AWS, Azure, Google cloud monitoring tool will ensure that the cloud resources are utilized well, which in turn helps in capacity planning. To utilize the advantage of cloud computing, it is important to build efficient strategies, this stands true for companies who want to be in a good position and get the most out of their cloud investments. Networking, servers and data center operations also need to be managed well to ensure a comfortable user experience. Cloud monitoring and Cloud management enables the providers to meet the changing needs of the customers and stand apart in the competitive business environment.

There are some reliable cloud monitoring tools that are available nowadays, Unigma is one of the popular ones, which is available worldwide, it assists several major clouds like, AWS Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, etc. Using this tool, you can easily view how much your clients’ spend on cloud, get alerts of their cost metrics and accordingly design budgets. You can also let your clients know about your work and the environment they are working on.

Also, you can maintain good relationships with your clients, as they extend their services of effectively communicating with your clients through emails. The multi tenant feature of Unigma enables customers can see the dashboards you share with them and create accounts for technicians as well as engineers; as many as they need. Also, you get an amazing feature of viewing the metrics of Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and AWS at the same place! You can conveniently compare and link metrics from multiple clouds. You can also send systematic reports to the customers and see infrastructure and alerts too. Alerts are sent through mails that are automatically closed when the threshold clears up.

In addition, when you sign up, you can select a sub domain, upload a logo of your choice and also access your own email server, this ensures that all the reports you get have your logo, and the emails and alerts are received at your company’s email account.

Furthermore, their Network Operations Center (NOC) can be combined with any kind of business models. You can approach them round the clock, and their team of expert engineers will help you out in the best possible ways. They are committed in offering the best services and ensuring that their customers get instant alerts if they have any service issues. The best part is that you can choose a pricing plan that suits your needs.