Ashenoff and Associates: Dedicated Towards Offering the Best Executive Protection in Florida

In today’s world of technologically advanced security measures, many high-class individuals and corporate businessmen rely on executive protection services provided by specialists. The reason behind this is that high profile individuals, celebrities and executives often receive threatening calls for life and money by malicious elements of society. As a result, it calls for the stringent security measures to ensure complete safety and protection of top executives.

Ashenoff and Associates is a commendable investigative and security consulting firm that offers the finest executive protection Florida .They offer a well-coordinated executive protection program that is all-inclusive of their physical protection, crowd surveillance as well as secured transportation facilities. They are specialized at customizing their services as per your requirement and allocated budget.

Ashenoff and Associates offers a comprehensive range of security options unlike the typical personal protection services. Their all-embracing services include:

  • Threat analysis for pre-planning and preparations.
  • Efficient agent deployment.
  • Thorough corporate investigations.
  • Liaison with local authorities.
  • Ability to modify routes/plans at a moment’s notice.
  • Electronic counter measures by the analysis of robust telecommunication systems and much more.

The aforementioned services are few of their specializations. Additionally, they offer covert operations (operaciones encubiertas) and surveillance. Their qualified team conducts covert operations for the clients who suspect espionage, drug use, internal theft or any other kind of illegal activities in their business. Their experienced detectives are specialized in putting forward the most effective services including catfish investigations, bug sweeps, surveillance as well as infidelity investigations. They have investigators for each specific category of the services they offer. When you hire their expert officers, you are hiring the most practiced private detectives around the Florida region.

At Ashenoff and Associates, they pride themselves in flexibility of offering tailor-made protection packages for both individuals as well as organizations. From unstable environments for corporate travelers and workers compensation investigations to the due diligence (debida diligencia) investigations, they offer the best security solutions to protect you. Ashenoff and Associates have special access to the specific database on an extensive network of information. They know the tactics of extracting the whole information of individuals including consumer credit profiles, history of education and employment.

Thus, the agency can be an ideal partner for ensuring your personal safety and providing an in-depth investigation service.

For more details, log on to ashenoff.com.