Ashenoff and Associates: A Leading Investigative and Security Consulting Agency in Florida

 Financial and identity theft crimes are intimidating and they more often trouble executives and high-profile individuals. To handle such spiteful situations executives and elite class individuals need support of executive protection and investigations services from experts. Carrying out investigations at personal level is quite difficult and stressful for entrepreneurs as they don’t have knowledge and expertise in this field.

Being an entrepreneur you have many employees working for you and you cannot decide who is trustworthy and who might be cheating behind your back. There may be monetary disputes, frauds and inner theft and even transactions fraud which may raise a question on the security of your company. In these cases, you must take the assistance of an investigation agency that can offer you with most reliable surveillance and legal solutions.

Ashenoff & Associates are the leading investigative and security consulting agency in Florida, providing highly reliable legal services from over three decades. They offer a wide range of legal services that include litigation support, corporate investigations, electronic countermeasures, satellite imaginary, due diligence investigation, executive support and more. Many organizations face huge monetary losses by some indecent activity of an employee who tries to get ill-fated payment advantages. In such cases, Ashenoff and Associates proves to be an ideal partner for entrepreneurs as they help in conducting workers compensation investigation and employee screening to assure full security.

The agency has a pool of specialists who are skilled in conducting covert surveillance (vigilancia encubierta) and providing solutions to support a diverse range of clients and sectors from litigation support and legal services, corporate business, loss prevention, enforcement, insurance fraud and public bodies. Through their due diligence investigation service, you can get the details of a suspect's educational history, medical history previous criminal records and other information.

Their professionals gather all the information through due diligence and it can be used for litigation support, screening, evidence match and more. Ashenoff & Associates have global networks which help them to collect any required data within a few minutes.

The services provided by them can be customized according to your need and budget. They have a highly experienced team of lawyers, skilled investigators who use best surveillance equipment, and techniques for precise results. The investigator (el investigador) at Ashenoff and Associates delivers guaranteed results and put honest efforts into each case they handle, striving hard to extract the truth. Also, you can get many discounted deals for long-term investigations as well as undercover investigation. If you are someone who needs expert assistance regarding your legal matters, then Ashen off & Associates are the professionals you should consult with.

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