Get Hi-tech Body Scanners from 3D Measurement Company

The comprehensive system for the digitization of the human body for health analysis and apparel measurement exists since more than fifteen years. The very first and prominent user of this technology was military departments. 3D body scanning and measurement technology have been used for designing military uniforms of different sizes in least time with high degree of precision. In non-contact 3D laser scanning you can digitally capture body measurements of varying sizes without standing for long hours as in the case of getting measurements from tailor. It uses automated CAD software to produce exact 3D representation of the object which is being scanned.

Many different technologies were put together and researches were done for bringing out the advantage of thisusing 3D in commercial world. In different parts of the world such scanning systems are being employed in various shopping malls, boutiques or dedicated scanning center. The 3D technology has also reduced the risk of online shopping, because with the help of this technology consumers can perfectly match themselves with the perfect clothing sizes.

[TC]2 is one of the leading companies in the field of 3D measurement and 3D visualization, working in the following fields:-

· Research- There are 150 universities and research fields which work with 3D body scanner provided by [TC]2

· Hospitals- There are over 50 hospitals, weight loss center and fitness companies which works on the scanning and measurement technology of [TC]2.

· Fashion- More than 150 brands use the technology of [TC]2 for size optimization retail atomization, styling advice and for design improvement of apparel and clothing.

· Consultancy- [TC]2 provides help and advice to over 100 companies all around the world

· 3D printing- There are over more than companies which use 3D body scanners provided by [TC]2 for pattern making and 3D printing.

· Applications- There are more than 6 applications of [TC]2 live on website and in Google store.

Established in 1979, with just an idea of developing robotics driven products manufacturing is now working in the areas of body scanning, virtual dressing and e-commerce using various CAD tools. With Image Twin tool one can easily find the clothes that fit and flatter oneself. You can create your own virtual dummy in 3D and can find the perfect dress which beseems your body. It is easy to use, takes only 1 sec to capture a high accuracy scan, 15 sec to process the scan data then the printer can print. a custom profile with all needed body measurements.

[TC]2 are surely the leaders from design to delivery of excellent quality products that are powered by its amazing scanning technology.

For more information, contact on 1-919 3080 2171 or log on to tc2.com .