Get Botox and Facelift Training from Experts at Beverly Hills R.N.

In today’s scenario, people are getting conscious about their appearance and looks. Both men and women want to look their best. With advancement in every field, cosmetic surgery has helped millions of women to restore their naturally vibrant looks and appearance. Each year plastic and reconstructive surgeries are helping women to like a younger version of her. There are some trusted centers like Beverly Hills R.N. which is dedicated in providing effective solutions like botox, vampire face lift, PRP and many more. Doctors and physicians who want to improve their practice can easily acquire their Botox Training, Facelift training, and O-shot training from Sylvia Silvestri.

Sylvia Silvestri is an experienced and licensed plastic surgery nurse who possesses deep knowledge about different face lift procedures. With 20 years of experience, she has been successful in achieving complete customer satisfaction. She has been working diligently to deliver the most effectual training sessions to physicians and plastic surgeons that are keen to learn various skin lifting procedures including Vampirefacelift, PRP, Botox and many more.Sylvia Silvestri provides trains doctors and medical professionals about the facial fillers and platelet-rich-plasma so that they can give their best in the field of reconstructive surgeries.

Vampire Facelift is a latest cosmetic injectable that uses the patients’ blood to beautify the texture, color, and tone of the skin. Beverly Hills R.N. specializes in proving skin treatment that helps restoring the natural charm and beauty of your face. These treatments include P-Shot for men, Dysport, Femilift, microneedling and so forth. Sylvia Silvestri also provides the best training workshops for doctors and cosmetic surgeons, helping them hold expertise in all sorts of skin lifting methods.

Having a wealth of 0 years of experience, Beverly Hills R.N. meets all your facial needs and specifications. Besides, if you have any question and queries regarding anything, then you can consult Sylvia Silvestri via Skype by taking prior appointments.

So, if you are looking for a reliable source to avail o-shot training, PRP training and vampire lift training etc, then you must take Beverly Hills R.N. into consideration.

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