Virtual Assistants: Boosting your Business Performance by Eliminating the Distance Barrier

When the magnitude of transactions occurring in an organization is too voluminous to be handled, focusing on core competencies becomes an everyday task. Also, when you have piles of work to complete, but due to improper planning, you end up doing nothing! What you need is a virtual personal assistant to whom you can assign the work and get it done at your convenience.

Some leading outsourcing companies are specializing in accounting services and out of which the most prominent one is Baltic Assist. This company provides virtual personal assistant services and maintains the bookkeeping on a daily basis by accessing your bank account and sales/purchases register. A well-experienced team of mentor strains people to become versatile assistants who can perform any given task with dexterity. They also fulfill the requirement of a marketing specialist which would help to devise innovative marketing strategies. The task can be allocated to such assistants either through phone, Skype ore-mail.

You can also make use of some popular project management tools like Asana or Trello for assigning tasks and you can be rest assured of its timely completion. The charges to hire a virtual assistant Europe are 960 Euros/month as compared to the market average of around 2000-3500 Euros/month. These assistants can be hired immediately without any probation period which saves a lot of time and money.

Apart from providing adroit assistance, you can outsource your work of accounting, bookkeeping and email handling, etc. The company maintains the bookkeeping on a daily basis with due compliance of GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). You can get your financial statements prepared as well. They ensure statutory compliances along with assisting external auditors in carrying out an effective audit.

Bigger the number of employees in an organization, larger is the database. HR operations like payment of salaries and deduction of employees’ taxes & statutory contributions is a task that requires a considerable amount of time and resources which can’t be afforded by organizations wanting to focus more on core competencies. Today is the era of being able to carve a niche in this fiercely competitive market and resorting to the outsourcing of  remote accounting solutions  is one way to achieve that.

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