Give your Rug a New Life with D&G Carpet Cleaning

    Carpet is the most glorious and versatile part of home decoration. A good carpet quickly spruces up a room and makes it more eye-catching. But it also demands proper cleaning and care to prevent it from losing its integrity. So, do you clean it regularly? Well, if not then it needs a professional cleaning treatment before it becomes a soiled mass of fibers that can only be thrown in junk!

Like the precious furniture in your decorative home, rugs also need to be cleaned by a professional cleaner to maintain their beauty and expand their life. D&G Carpet Cleaning are the most proficient Rug cleaners New Orleans   with vast experience in maintenance of every kind of carpet, be it Persian, Indian, Turkish or more. Their cleaning methods include deep vacuuming, stain and spot removal, organic rug cleaning, moth treatment, 3M Scotchgard protector and so on. Their facility is equipped with the latest equipments and cleaning products. From thorough inspection of rug to post cleaning inspection, every cleaning step is carefully performed to give rugs the deepest but the gentlest cleaning they deserve.

Your rug needs to be professionally cleaned at least every 1 to 2 years or even more often. Unseen dirt particles and germs can ruin the look of the rug, and at the same time make them a reservoir of diseases. But with D&G Carpet Cleaning you can gift your rug a long life with evergreen charm because they use eco friendly means to protect your rug.

But not only rugs! They also offer cleaning services for house Upholstery Cleaning New Orleans, tile & grout cleaning, pet odor removal, hardwood floor cleaning, house cleaning, water damage rescue and carpet & furniture protection.

D&G Carpet Cleaning are cleaning experts for every cleaning requirement of your home. Even the most beautiful and expensive tile can look filthy if it is not cleaned at regular intervals. Tile and grout cleaning New Orleans refurbishes your tiles by using an amazing rotating machine that uses high-pressure jets to thoroughly clean every grout and tile in your home. Porcelain tile, quarry tile or ceramic tile, every kind of tile is cleaned by them using the most special cleaners and products following a series of required methods giving it a naturally polished look. They provide free pickup and delivery services.

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